Relationship Coach

Salary: $2600 per month
Posted: Aug 24, 2018

Job Description

As a Relationship Coach, you’ll be trained to provide practical, effective relationship coaching to help clients all over the world achieve their relationship goals.

After your training, you'll often work with clients on your own. But you'll always have a team of coaches you can turn to for help.

  • Work with senior coaches to build your relationship problem solving skills
  • Provide relationship coaching to our clients via online chat and over the phone


We are looking for candidates who have the aptitude to be trained for the role. Skills we look for:

  • Empathetic & Compassionate
  • Energized by helping others
  • Good writer
  • Typing speed 50wpm+
  • Tech savvy
  • Fast learner
  • Excellent English, written and verbal
  • Access to reliable, fast internet while working
  • Quiet environment for conversations over the phone

Previous experience or training in this field is not required, but it is a plus - e.g. a degree in psychology/sociology, social work, or a body of written coaching on a blog or online forum.


This is a full time position, 40+ hours per week at $10-15/hour. We are a 24x7 service so you can set flexible hours. You can work remotely anywhere in the world.

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